UCES Protection Plan Services

Whether you want to improve your credit to own a home, save for your child’s education, or pay down debt, we have the tools you need to reach all of your financial goals.

UCESPP Rocket Lawyer Image

Rocket Lawyer

Provided By UWE
  • Hundreds of legal documents to customize, share, print and more
  • Consult with an attorney at no additional cost
  • Incorporate your business with ease
UCESPP Budgeting Image


Provided By UCES
  • Understand your spending
  • Build a plan to save
  • Track your progress
UCESPP Credit Restoration Image

Credit Restoration

Provided By UCES
  • Follow a simple process to update your score
  • Dispute all inaccurate, obsolete or erroneous items
  • Better your score to save money and lower stress
UCESPP Credit Builder Image

Credit Builder

Provided By UCES
  • Learn about credit and how it affects your life
  • Understand how your score is calculated
  • Get the resources to get and maintain good credit
UCESPP Credit Attorney Image

Credit Attorney

Provided By UWE
  • Use the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to stop harassment from collectors
  • Helps to dispute credit report errors
  • Available in all US States and territories
UCESPP Credit Monitoring Image

Credit Monitoring

Provided By UCES
  • Protect and monitor your score
  • Check your score anytime
  • Secure your online accounts
UCESPP Debt Payoff Image

Debt Payoff

Provided By UCES
  • Plan to pay down debt using your existing income
  • Pay quickly
  • Save money on interest
UCESPP Identity Monitoring Image

Identity Monitoring

Provided By UWE
  • Protect yourself from identity theft
  • Monitor financial transactions on and offline
  • Protect your social media pages from hackers
UCESPP Life Insurance Image

Life Insurance*

Provided By UWE
  • *Available to Active 1099-paid UWE Agents
  • Protect your family in the event of your death
  • Assist with expenses, even when you’re not around
UCESPP Financial Lockbox Image

Financial Lockbox

Provided By UWE
  • Create space to keep a list of all your important files
  • Keep them in a secure place, where they can’t be hacked or damaged
  • Determine a contact person who can access your documents in an emergency
UCESPP Net Worth Image

Net Worth

Provided By UWE
  • Track your assets
  • Minimize your liabilities
  • Add value to your overall financial worth
UCESPP Savings Goals Image

Savings Goals

Provided By UWE
  • Create a plan to save for your financial goals
  • Save for tuition, a vacation, or whatever you want to achieve
  • Track your progress for each goal
UCESPP Will & Trust Image

Will & Trust

Provided By UWE
  • Prepare for you and your family’s future with a Will and Trust plan
  • Create, Will, Trust, as well as Health and Financial Power of Attorney documents
  • Develop your document and make any updates to the plan
UCESPP YFL Family Mint Image

YFL Family Mint

Provided By UCES
  • Empower your young children to learn financial skills early in life
  • At-home, online financial program included in UCES
  • Learn how to bring this program to schools, too