Credit Restoration

This helped fix my credit

Adriana Nielsen

My credit was really poor when I started with the company, they gave me all the tools to get my credit to the more then 700

Ailyn Gomez verdugo

The Credit Restoration program is absolutely amazing!

Andera Hardy

Amazing product with amazing results. This is the opportunity I was waiting for.

Alicia Guy

Within 32 days of beginning this program, my credit score went up 64 points

Brianna Holley

I love the credit restoration because it has change my life. My credit score has increased from a over 100 points.

Ciani Williams

Very convenient and inspirational to keep me interested.

De'andre Wallace

This protection plan increased my score 240 points in only 4 months

Darryl Callum

Life Changing I’ve been able to improve my credit over 150 points and my husband and I recently purchased our first home.

Diane Boyd

I began the UCES protection plan program February 2018 and within the first 30 days had a child support late payment removed. In addition, my score went up 275 points and in September 2018 my wife and I closed on our Home! Thank you UCES!!!

David Marquez

It’s absolutely amazing I went up 107 points in one month!! Amazing results amazing company!

Dominique Marchese

This product has helped me massively removing all my student loans and in transunion and equifax after 10 months!!! Grateful

Eliadys Betancourt

Started with a 490 credit score and now I have a 750+ credit score. My husband and I just customs built a home in Atlanta 5,000 sq feet. I’m very thankful for UCES AND the amazing services.

Geraldine Andre

I love credit restoration because I was able to get a bankruptcy deleted in 34 days!

Giselle Curiel

I was able to get 7 negative items removed. I’m in the 700s club!

Jazzalone Dawson

It has motivated me to help others achieve the same results !!!

Jennifer Roman

I started with a 428 now at almost 800. The company has literally removed more than 20 negative items from my credit report. I even learned how to use my credit cards.

Johmarr Ogletree

Helped build my credit score 80 points in my first 3 months using the service!

John Mcmillon iii

Excelente servicio a bajo costo

Juan Torres

130 points added to my credit score

Juanita Tapia mollinedo

This program has allowed me to increase my credit score 140 points, negative items removed and was able to buy my house within the same year of starting the program!

Karaunda Frederick

My credit repair made it possible to buy a car and get approved for a line of credit

Krista Smith

I love the credit restoration because it’s shows me my scores and how my credit score is broken down.

Lanequia Quiet

Love the protection plan, my credit when up 220 points within 90 days! #SignUp

Leticia Sosa

I love this because I saw great results with in 2 months

Maira Camarillo

The services with this company have been amazing and very efficient.

Mauricio Cardona

I love the protection plan because it got me from a 450 to a 700 credit score in less than 4 momths!

Miryja Martin

Excellent product *****

Patty Amaya

I love the Credit Restoration Plan because it is helping me provide my children with their forever home

Rachel Lozano

Love it and help change my life!!

Robert Cole

Credit monitoring product is awesome!!

Rosalind Davison

I love it cause I went from a 580-712 in under 90 days!!!

Rose Guess

This program has helped me remove 26 negative items thank you so much!!

Sai lena Willis

I absolutely love the protection plan

Shelly-ann Billinghurst

This amazing and I really glad to know this company

Sindy Penaranda

The best by far services to help me with my credit repair services

Sonny Umayam

Excelent service

Susana Quintero

I have lived with bad credit for 20 years, now no more

Tameka Johnson

My score increased over 200 pts

Toni Sostre

I love the credit restoration because it works fast and abs it’s effective.

Yvonne V.herrera

The credit restoration program is a program am that helps millions of people to gain financial freedom by removing negative items from their credit reports to give them purchasing power

William Ward

My score went up 60 points in 30 days. Went from 520 to 709 in less than 5 months

Tina Houchins

It was all a DREAM

Sonya Williams

I love The protection plan. The credit restoration is my favorite product. I have Had a great amount of success

Shylettra Burton

It’s help put me in a better position for my family

Precious Donalson

I love the credit restoration service because my score increased 92 points in my first 60 days!!

Riika Wright

I was able to go up 200 points with this platform.. thank you so much

Natalie Rodriguez

Beat services I used .. got an 100plus increase in the first 45days ! Bankruptcy gone & My Foreclosure Gone .. Thank you UCES

Melody Baysmore

I was able to get my collections removed boosting my credit 100 points.

Michael Standard

Restored my credit 100+ points!!

Maciee Falk

Mi crédito subió 156 puntos en 7 meses

Martires Donastor

Up 250 points. This is what life is about!

Lizbeth Gamez

I love the credit restoration services because by elongation collections and late payments, my score increased over 110 points in 4 months!!!!!

Leah Thomas

When I start my credit went from 470 to 750 in just two months.

Larhonda Johnson

Encourage me to do better to work hard

Karla Iraheta

I was able to improve my credit and reach the 700s scores!

Jose Benitez

My credit was in the 650 but thanks to the protection plan my credit is 790 now

Jose Torres

Uces is the most amazing service ever. I went from a 432 credit score to an 800 in about 5months

Kerlens Casseus

I love the ability to track your progress and you're getting those negative items removed

Kerry Gittens

Credit restoration help me to get back up my credit again, and thanks to that I was able to apply to new credit cards

Gretel Abreu

I like protection plan because they remove 36 negative items from my credit report .

Isaibis Arozarena

Me and my wife Where introduced to this program and let me tell you. Not only do we have a 700 credit score but where able to purchase our brand new home. God bless this company

Emmanuel Polanco

This program has changed my life!!! Get that credit repaired you will not regret it!!

Dominique Brown

With the Credit Restoration tool, I have been able to increase my score by 65 points

Faith Anderson

Phenomenal credit restoration product that was able to successfully remove my bankruptcy and improve credit score to 750 . Was able to purchase a brand new home for my family !

Eugene Fanfan

I have had 4 increases since I started and I’m so grateful for this platform.

Dominique Grant

Man this company change my life. My score jump up 150 in 90 days. Thank you

Crystal Marrero

I have been able to take my credit scores from 547 to 0ver 700. Thank you to this awesome company

Chantelle Wilson

This Service has helped me raise my score

Chastity Moreno

I’m super happy with this company, my credit score went up 100 points within 3 months of starting the credit restoration process. I followed the system of sending in my letters and sending back the results and still continue to see results. Thank you for all the support and raising my credit score.

Chelsea Zavala

The protection plan has helped me remove hard inquiries from my credit report !!

Briana Mosby

I like the Protection plan because helped me to fix my credit

Carmen Nazario

Love the increase of my credit +95 points very great full

Cecilia Maynez

I love this service. It allows me credit freedom

Ashley Jeffries

I am so thankful for what this company has done for me! Credit score went from the 400s to over 750 and I am now a home owner

Andrea Mckeithern

I love credit restoration from the protection plan because help me to delete some negative item from my credit history and that helps my credit to increase

Annaby Pozo

Because of this uces I went from homelessness to homeownership in 6 months 85 items removed!!

Alteria Ray

I love the credit repair because it has changed so many lives including mine.

Amira Sims

Credit Restoration helped me delete 20 negative items from my Credit Report and increased my score of 250 points.

Anthony Jackson

With the credit restoration I was able to raise my score 161 points and buy a home all within a year

Ca'rhondalet Washington

I love the value of the company I'm loving the jumpstart

Cupid Priester

Because of this product, my score increased 317 points in 65 days

Criss Barriner

I signed up as a Protection Plan member because I had a low credit score and needed help. Since becoming a client of UCES I’ve had over 50 negative items removed from my credit report and over a 300 point credit score increase!!

Chanell Johnson

I love the services. I started with a low credit score. Now my credit is over 740. I'm so excited to get to 800 club and secure the legacy for my 2 year old and I.

Dhina Clement

I love this credit restoration because I got over 50+ score increase and I'm able to get improved!

Demira King

As a realtor I have helped so many clients build restore and establish credit !!

Denise Camarillo

The credit restoration process is amazing

Dana Cannon

Omg I love the credit restoration product. It was able to help me get some student loans, charge offs and eviction of my credit

Daniel Govan

I love the opportunity to own my first home and promote my own business creating financial freedom

Keisha Harrington

THE CREDIT RESTORATION WAS AMAZING! It took me from a 400 to 700 credit score.

Faye Merilien

I absolutely love the credit restoration process. Very detailed and easy to manage.

Ebony Besteda

I love this service I had a Repossession deleted from my credit report in 30 days!!!!

Erica Mobley

Late payments has been removed and I can’t thank enough for UCES for helping me!

Ilhom Islomov

Great product! I was ae to use this product to buy a home!

Glynn Hill

I love this product! Score dropped 106 pts and it increased back to 761!!

Jaquillia Hayden

The protection plan has changed my life and offered me the ability to increase my credit card limits.

Jasmine George

Tengo muchos clientes con resultados positivos

Jose Rivas

Using the credit restoration service has been amazing! 7 items has been removed so far and I enjoy learning about how credit works.

Kaitlyn Jolly

It has been a total blessing by showing me how to build my credit

Kamilah Lyon

OMG! I was able to raise my score by 117 points and had the few derogatory items deleted to put me in a better position to meet my life goals! Love it!

Kim Mcjunkins

When I started with the program I had a 525 as of December 18 I now have a 689. I’m thankful

Krystal Allen

I like the credit restoration program because I went from a 483 credit score to a 708 credit score

Lamario Lewis

I’m so grateful for this amazing protection plan. I had 24 deletions & 168+ points added to my credit score. Thank you UCES

Latisha Taylor

I love this product because it help remove negative items of if the credit reports

Latricia Chiestder

I love the credit restauration because with this service I can help people.

Maria Carrero

I starting with a 482 Credit score. In a little under 4 Months and 75 negative items removed.

Marlon d. Hester sr.

I absolutely love this program! It has allowed me to make better financial decisions and help others!!! I had 5 negative items removed from my credit report

Mia Turner

While using the credit restoration program in UCES. My credit score went up 134 points in 4 months. It’s amazing!!

Monika Griffin

This service has increased my score +180 points. I absolutely love it

Nakeea Grisson

The UCES Protection plan has completely changed my life! It has allowed me to restore my credit score in 40 days. This helped me qualify for my my mortgage and purchase my home in 4 months!

Patrice Johnson

I was able to get 3 of my medical bills removed!

Preston Pulliam

Totally recommend UCES credit restoration service.

Sagrario Cadena

The credit restoration has been amazing. I have gotten over 22 negative items removed and my score has increased over 172 points!

Shawn Perry

This credit restoration services has changed my life. I went from a low 500 to the 700 club and am able to be the first in my bloodline to break generational curses and cycles of poverty. Thank you UCES

Tolu Alualu

I love this service because not only did it help me but it's helping my family and friends live better.

Vanessa Brooks

I love the Credit Restoration Service because this service helped me increase my credit score 260 points. The services are amazing!

Toni Ballinger

I enjoyed using the services. Credit restoration, credit monitoring. In debt pay down

Yolanda Guess-jeffries

I love credit restoration because it has helped me removed 22 student, loans 12 late payment, A credit credit 3 charge off and plenty of collections!

Willie Jones


Wendell Philp

Teaches me how I can monitor my credit as my score climbed up over 178 points in 3 months

Stacia Cooper

The credit restoration plan is excellent and has helped me get my buying power back! Thank you, UCES.

Tarava Johnson

This amazing product has allowed me the opportunity to increase my credit score by 129 points. I’m one step closer to purchasing my home!

Tiffany Osbey

I was able to increase my score and move my family into our new home

Tamara Jordan

Because of the protection plan, I went from 16 negative items on my credit profile to now only 3. The biggest one for me was my bankruptcy which was hindering me for getting approved for different housing opportunities. Now I have the freedom and options of where I want to live!

Salesha Lankford

This product is amazing! Personally my credit score went from a 599-783 in 6 months!!!!! I got over 14 negative items deleted and 8 of them were student loans over $74k in debt removed from credit profile!

Sharonda Bailey

Estoy muy agradecida y feliz con este plan de protección por ayudar a llevar mi crédito a otro nivel... y sin duda alguna ayudar a muchas personas a lograrlo de igual manera

Sissi harlem Leyva

My Credit Restoration process has been amazing so far and I’m ready forward the 720 club. My score has gone up over 50 points.

Shaterria Johnson

I enrolled in the protection plan and my score increased 100 pts in 40 days

Rod Ferrell

My credit went up 196 points ! I had 65 negative items deleted! I now own a home in Florida and being denied is not an option ! Thank you to this company !

Raysa Otero

UCES is helping me improve my credit.

Robert Baines

The credit restoration program allow me to removed several items of my credit to the point that my credit increased a total of 184 points!!

Neftaly Moret echevarria

I love uwe! My credit score increased 101 POINTS !

Nykia Clevinger

I love the protection plan! Not only did my score increase i was educated about credit and how do manage money!!

Matrice Vaughn

The credit restoration has helped me better my credit by removing negative items that I thought would haunt me forever!

Marissa Gonzalez

My credit score increased 22 points in the first 34 days. In 90 days, I had charge offs and collections deleted. Overall my score has gone up over 263 points.

Jade Miller

This amazing company help your me with my credit scores and removed my negatives items

Jean wadner Leopauld

The credit restoration service helped me remove 6 negative items from my credit report. Also with the education on credit cards, i got a credit card and continued to build my credit. I bought my first house in 6 months.

Dominique Owens

It has changed my life , when I thought I could never get my credit back in order then UWE came into my life

Francisco Chapa

Los Sevicio son importante para el desarrollo del éxito

Katherine Balasquide

The protection plan has helped me Ans family so much . They are great great who wants to see everyone at how top

Daysia Monroe

I love the protection plan because it helped me increase my credit score by 101 points within 90 days; and I regained my buying power back.

Cheri Torres

As someone who never had good credit, this product allowed me to say I have good credit! From 451 to a 751. Thank you UCES.

Chevonne Barrett

Credit restoration is the way to go and this is it

Chanel Ivory

This is a one stop shop credit restoration company. I get to utilize all services and I’ve benefited in all services. Now I can implement this to my children. Thank you!

Asenati Leapai

My credit score has increased almost 100 points since starting and several of my student loans have been REMOVED!!

Bridget Hudson

I like the restoration because it has helped me increase my score to sign for a car without a co-signer.

Caramalita Warren

Credit restoration is my favorite product. I never knew how much of an impact 3 digits would have in my life. This product has changed my life my score grew over 200 points! Over 5 items deleted! Not only was I able level up in my finances but I was educated so I won’t be back in the same position I was before.

Autumn Bellamy

After a divorce and 2 surgeries, my credit score went from a 755 down to a 489. It was just devastating and I had no idea how to fix it. Until I met someone on Facebook who shown me UWE!!! I got started the same day, I used the credit restoration and smart credit services. After 5 months my Credit Score went up over 150+ points! My advice. Get serious and get started today!

Bethany Roy

This has helped me restore my credit to a more positive score

Anne Bruner

I absolutely love the credit restoration protection plan it has changed my life I have gotten over a 150 point increase I have learned about positive trade lines. I have learned how to get good credit and keep it I’m so excited to continue to build my credit relationship

Alexis Clark

My score increases 95+ within a few months of being on the protection plan! This is an incredible membership

Alfred Nickson

I love the Credit Restoration program because my credit score has went up 89 points with 2 negative items removed!!!

Chanell Hammond

I love the quick service and the information to help me understand my financial literacy

Cerise Cohee

I came to the credit restoration program because I saw my daughter credit coming from 4 to almost 8 in less than 6 months!

Cesarina Caraballo

I just wanted to say that I'm a new Field Trainer. I'm in the process of working on my Credit Restoration. I'm ready to become part of the 720 CLUB

Carmen Brown

The best service ever ! I saw the improvement of my credit in the first month with the company. They deleted a lot of negative item and my credit score went up, so thankful

Chaveli Lopez

I wasn't sure how to change my destiny. Due to my bad credit I couldn't even buy furniture for my home. I ate,watched TV and slept in my bedroom. I so glad I choose UWE credit Restoration to get back on track. I just purchased a car in my name by myself. Yes!

Cynthia Butler

Very easy to use website and simple steps to follow my score is been increasing fast and soon I will be able to get a new car

Diego Palma

When I started with this company my credit score was 524 and it went up to 740 in less than a year!

Darenda Gilder

My credit went from up 250+ in 2months

Darnell Hardy

This program is helping me restore my credit and amazing service

Desiree Price

I went up 200 pts in 90 days because of this program.

Kelvin Desangles

This product has changed the lives of many of my clients and has been the main basis for achieving their goals.

Evelin Cajamarca

The credit restoration tool was very helpful for me! I had 10 things removed from my report and my score increased in a major way!

Ericka Sampey

Credit Restoration has helped remove several negative items from my credit report and increased my credit score by over 100 points!

Jennifer Bowles

Credit Restoration has been a game changer for me. To 751 credit score.

Linda Oliver

I was able to use the credit restoration and credit builder and credit monitoring to increase my score over 300 points! I had over 30 derogatory items removed and added positive lines with Credit my rent and secured credit cards! I love the Protection Plan!

Jabari Sadler

My credit went up from a low 500 to 700+ Great service

Giselle Balarezo

I started with a 478 score ! In 2 months, over $40k worth of student loans were deleted ! My score has increased over 200 points ! This company is the best !

Latrell Goss

Credit Restoration helped me so much when I started this business. I had a very poor credit score and some negative accounts, 4 months later my collections and hard inquiries were deleted and now I have a credit score higher than 760 points, plus all the new lines of credit I have now and all the credit knowledge, I’m going for my 800 credit score!

Marien Valle

This product has helped me so much with removing negative accounts from my credit report and I can’t recommend it enough!!!

Luis Caballero

Both my business and personal accountant said my tax lien would never come off and guess what? My tax lien came off in the first 4 months of the UCES Protection Plan Services! I am a believer. Thank you UCES!

Lisa Lavison

So much value in all the services, but the credit restoration has personally impacted my life. In just 30 days my score went up 85 pts, and in 9 months it’s increased well over 100pts.

Nathaniel Stephens

UCES, has been able to delete negative accounts and my credit has gone from 742 to 807. In a very short period of time, a month and a half..

Nancy benitez Benitez

I had 22 negative items removed from my Credit Reports and my Credit Score increased from 476 back to over 800.

Randy Cochrane

This Service increased my credit score by 102 points!

Rodeshia Truitt

Received my dispute letters in just a week

Rolando Navarro

Since using the services at UCES I’ve been able to delete my bankruptcy off of my report and boost my score over 100 points!!! This was not like any other company I had tried in the past because it taught me along the way how to continue to build my credit up while utilizing the services.

Ryan Crofford

The credit restoration program has helped my Real Estate clients qualify for a new home! They had negative items deleted and saw an increase on their credit score!!

Roxanne Rodriguez

I received amazing results! I love the protection plan it has completely changed my life. Thank you

Steven Dunlap

I’m so thrilled to have a collection account removed from my credit report leading to a 30 point score increase.

Sue Johnson

I love this service I've had my score increase 60 in just a short amount of time and closer to having great credit to conquer my Goals to financial freedom

Vincent Anders

When I signed up my score went up 120 points within 4 months

Tomika Manns

The credit restoration program is second to none. The company disputed all my negative items all at the same time without dragging my process out. The program removed 22 negative items from my credit report in 8 months and allowed me to gain my buying power back.

Tre Davis