UCESPP Protection Plan

Life Insurance*

*This product is available to Active 1099-paid UCES Agents Eligibility for Coverage: To participate in the term life insurance program provided by Symetra Insurance Company, you must be an active 1099 participating Agent of United Wealth Education.An active 1099 participating Agent is defined as someone who is active on the UCES Protection Plan and is involved in building an organization by:

(1) submitting retail sales.

(2) recruiting personally sponsored independent Agents. Requirements for submitting retail sales and recruiting personally sponsored independent Agents are shown below. At point of claim, the preceding qualifying months will be reviewed to see if the following requirements have been met to be eligible for coverage.


  • *Available to Active 1099-paid UCES Agents.
  • Protect your family in the event of your death.
  • Assist with expenses, even when you’re not around.

A benefit to being a qualified UCES Agent.

Protect your family’s future in case of an emergency.