UCESPP Protection Plan

Identity Monitoring

Partnering with the UCES Protection Plan, protect your identity with Allstate. This proactive monitoring service that alerts you at the first sign of fraud. Get alerts for credit inquiries, accounts opened in your name, unsavory content on your social media account, compromised credentials, and financial transactions. In the event of fraud, you don’t have to figure out what to do — or even do it. The dedicated team manages and restores your identity.

Our 401(k) and HSA reimbursements, tax fraud refund advances, and $1 million identity theft insurance policy mean we won’t let your finances suffer.

Identity and privacy protection for their digital lives

Thumb print

Allstate Digital Footprint™*

First-of-its-kind privacy management

Fraud alerts

Comprehensive, customizable alerts and fraud notifications

Financial monitoring

Financial transaction monitoring that helps protect 401(k)s, HSAs, and more

Customer support

24/7 access to U.S.-based customer service and fraud remediation experts

Dark web monitoring

Advanced dark web monitoring using human operatives and artificial intelligence

Expense coverage†

Up to $1 million expense coverage for fraud victims†

See your digital footprint

Whenever people log in, sign up, or hit send, they leave behind a trail of data known as a digital footprint. For the first time, our members can see their online accounts and learn who may have their data.

Identify threats to your privacy

Our patented technology can scan your inbox to identify your digital relationships. We will then alert you to compromised accounts, data breaches, and even the types of data that might be exposed.

Regain control of your digital life

Members can do more than see online accounts, they can learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones. That means they can work, browse, and shop more confidently than ever.

Customers Reviews

It has protected my identity

Luis Espada

I love UCES protection plan because having the identity monitored is of great value to our lives.

Barbara Moreno

I love the identity monitoring service because it really does protect my personal information such as my social security number. I truly am protected.

Cole Murphy

I am so thankful for the identity protection, because it notified me that I had some activity on a different device trying to sign into my social media. That allowed me to go to it quickly, and change my password asap! Thank you so much UCES for this protection plan!!

Dain Rutherford

Wow, I simply love this product because when I had bad credit I was a victim of Identify theft and now that I have excellent credit, the ID monitoring really saved my life and now protects me from being a repeat client of identity theft.

Hanso legend Denis

My FAV protection plan tool is identity theft protection. Having the peace at mind that my finances will secure while improving my credit is an AMAZING feeling!

Jada Hill