UCESPP Protection Plan

Financial Lockbox

The UCES Financial Lock Box is an online virtual security product designed to store all of your important financial information in one secure location. You can access your Financial Lock Box from any online location, whenever you wish. You will be able to establish a complete listing of all the included documents, such as life insurance policies, bank accounts, and other information that is important to you and your family, to share with a designated person in the event of an emergency.


  • Create space to keep a list of all your important files.
  • Keep them in a secure place, where they can’t be hacked or damaged.
  • Determine a contact person who can access your documents in an emergency.

Secure and organize your important documents.

Designate an emergency contact person .

Restore documents in case of an emergency.

Keep documents safe and in an encrypted location.

Customers Reviews

This is excellent because I was able to store all of my important information securely even if something is lost

Jennifer Armistead

I love financial lockbox! I’m a busy mom who have kids in sports and I lose birth certificates all the time! I no longer have to purchase birth certificates yearly, I have all my important information with me at all times now.

Yoerika Marquez

I love the fact that I can upload ANY & ALL documents that’s important to me without having to worry about it being lost! Ever

Maria Ijeokwu