Plan de proteccion de UCES

Monitoreo de crédito

Mientras construye su puntaje de crédito, debe proteger lo que ya ha hecho. Utilice los servicios de monitoreo de crédito de UCES para monitorear y actualizar automáticamente los saldos de su cuenta, las próximas facturas y las transacciones diarias.

Acceso a su informe de crédito interactivo en cualquier momento para ver su puntaje de crédito, puntaje para auto, puntaje para seguro e incluso un índice de riesgo de contratación para quienes buscan trabajo. Configure alertas para evitar el uso no autorizado de su crédito y detener el robo. Solidifique su puntaje crediticio asegurándose de que esté bien protegido con Credit Monitoring.


  • Proteja su puntaje de crédito
  • Asegure sus cuentas
  • Reciba alertas en vivo cuando su crédito esté siendo verificado o utilizado

Administre todas sus cuentas en línea en un solo lugar. Realizamos un seguimiento y actualizamos sus estados de cuenta, pagos adeudados y transacciones todos los días. Utilice los botones de acción para hacer preguntas y resolver problemas.

Encontramos sus cuentas por usted

Encontramos automáticamente sus cuentas en línea, lo que facilita agregarlas a su Administrador de dinero. Sin adivinar ni buscar.

Actualizaciones diarias

Sus transacciones, facturas instantáneas y tendencias se actualizan cada 24 horas.

Las alertas de monitoreo de transacciones tienen botones de acción

Verifice que las transacciones sean suyas y no un robo. Detenga el robo con el botón de acción.

Otros beneficios

Reciba alertas cuando venzan los pagos. Planifique fácilmente su presupuesto y sus gastos. Sus transacciones están integradas con su Smart Credit Report® para obtener una imagen completa.

Tome acción fácilmente

Pregúnte cualquier cosa a su banco o compañía de tarjeta de crédito con solo presionar un botón.

A simple and innovative way to view your credit report.

Use Action Buttons

With a simple button you can remove identity theft, negotiate debts, resolve reporting problems and ask questions directly with your creditors. No forms to fill out, letters or phone calls.

Daily Transaction

For the first time your daily transactions are integrated in to your credit report. See how your creditors are reporting to ensure accuracy.

Credit Monitoring Alerts

Get important Alerts with changes to your credit report by phone or email.

Credit Score

Your credit score ranges from 300 to 850 and is an overall view of your credit history, which is important to lenders.

Auto Score

Auto lenders do not use your Credit Score. They use an Auto Score to better determine your lending risk.

Insurance Score

This score is weighted to risk & stress factors most insurance companies use when looking at your credit.

Hiring Risk Index

Many employers can view your credit report (not your credit score) when evaluating decisions to hire or promote. This Hiring Risk Index can help you better prepare for when an employer may look at your credit report.

Use the action button in your Alerts to quickly react to identity theft. Use your insurance to claim reimbursement, if necessary.

What You Can Do With A Button

  • Quickly inform your bank or creditor of an unauthorized transaction.
  • Quickly respond to an unauthorized account activated in your name.
  • No filling out lengthy police affidavits or forms.
  • Avoid a lengthy bank or creditor process.
  • No transfers to third party credit repair organizations.
  • No lengthy phone calls or writing letters.

Customers Reviews

I like the credit monitoring, because now that I'm getting my credit on track, I don't want it to go bad again

Lillian Rector

I love using credit monitoring. I can see my current score in real time but also my future score if I do what is suggested. My personal credit score increased by 38 points by doing just that!

Melisa Kellam-brown

Absolutely love it!!! 5 stars!!!! Helped me stay on track with my credit process

Lisa Richardson

The credit monitoring is a super useful way for me to get up to date alerts about my credit. One time I received an alert minutes after I opened a new line of credit and it gave me great confidence knowing that I have real time up to date info on my score 24-7-365.

Rhasheema Sanders

I love credit monitoring service, because they sent me alert when my score change and let me know if someone applied on my name.

Nuvia Castillo

I was able to keep daily track of what it took to increase my score!!

Wanda Davis

Credit monitoring has been so helpful in helping track my score as I prepare for a home purchase.

Robert Rodriguez

I love the credit monitoring because it gave me a opportunity to see what was affecting my credit. I was able to see the importance of keeping my credit card utilization under 30% to protect my points. And being able to see my future score was priceless.

Alisa Barnes

I love the plan it is amazing and will help families be successful

Dajiron Hart

It helps me pay my accounts on time

Mirian Mendoza

I love credit monitoring!

Diwana Pinales

I love how I get alerted whenever my credit score changes.

Divietta Starr

I love our credit monitoring program because it allows me to track my credit restoration process so I know my credit worthiness anywhere I go

Topanga Bailey

This product has helped me keep track of credit score.

Jasmine Henry

I know every month where my credit is

Constanza Gomez

I love the credit monitoring because it allows me to check my score whenever I want.

Sharekia Johnson

I love all the tools it provide and the fact that it do not lower your score for checking on your credit

Dr. norman Quintero

I like the Protection Plan as it provides me a way to monitor my credit.

Leslie Mitchell

I love credit repair app i have been with 2/3 months and have seen results from me being consistent with payments

Zhane Mcelroy

I love the credit monitoring service and being able to get updates and alerts in real time anytime anything changes on my credit report

Timila Griffin-bey

This company is amazing. It kept me updated with my future score and because it showed me my insurance score I was able to get my insurance lowered! My credit score has gone up OVER 200 Points. Amazing company

Kewina Walker