UCESPP Protection Plan


Create a plan to save using only your current income. The Budgeting tool is designed to help you understand and update your spending habits to make room for your financial goals. Make a budget and stick to the plan to improve your finances, remove some stress from your life and potentially improve your score.

Wrap your head around your spending

Create a savings plan

Track your progress

Modernized, Easy-to-Input design.

Preset Categories Makes It Simple To Track Your Money.

Save Time by Transferring Previous Data to a Following Month.

Edit Your Budget From a Month Prior, Prepare Your Budget For 2 Months Forward.

Budgeting Report to Track Your Progress.

Customers Reviews

Budget is the king, it's the beginning of wealth.

Michelle Betancourt

This protection gave me and my family the ability to save for our first home

Terrel Joseph

Used to pay off debt

Pearline Blackwood

Awesome Budgeting tool

Derek Wilkins

The budget component changed my life!! I cannot live without it!

Zoe Domino-thomas

Excellent and accurate way or knowing where you stand financially

Hayser Barrera

This tool has helped me take a deep dive into my finances and achieve a better financial future

Ashley Thomas

Being able to regain your control over money. This has been a huge game changer in allowing me to see where my money was found and make the changes I needed. Amazing now we’ve been able to pay off debt and on way to save and become financially free.

Adriana Nielsen

Budgeting really helped me be organized with my expenses and actually keep track of them

Michelle Elliott

The budget help me stay in track

Ceranise Alcindor

I like the protection plan because it has helped a lot if people

Dorvens Dorcelus